Aaran Chaudhary
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EX–MARINE (Served as NAVIGATION OFFICER on Commercial Vessels worldwide,almost 122 Countries including Troubled Waters of IRAQ,PERSIAN GULF,S.KOREA,SOMALIA & other AFRICAN NATIONS till Dec'2009).

It was a great start for me in Fashion Industry after I won GLAGRAGS MEGAMODEL MANHUNT (Mr INDIA title),& was titled' BEST MALE MODEL ON RAMP' IN 2010, & Represented INDIA at INTERNATIONAL MANHUNT claiming more titles, But aim was to make a mark in FILM INDUSTRY.

It was Usual hardship & Struggle and I was completely Unnoticed till the time when I was offered An Audition Script, and I got short-listed too.It was ROAR, precisely during May'2012.This was the time when I first heard about "ROAR-THE TIGERS OF SUNDERBAN". I went through 3 rounds of Auditions in total and then, had a narration by Director Mr KAMAL SADANAH. Since, I was sitting with the few shortlisted ones, So, I was really happy about it. But after narration, the main Question on my mind was not,'whether I will do ROAR or not', instead,it was 'Whether they will take me onboard or not'. Apart from looking for a big break as a fresher, after narration,I was so deeply convinced that this is a hell of a Script and this is certainly going to be DREAM LAUNCH for any Newcomer.

Kamal Sir was always on a move, In & Out of Mumbai, for script development, So,I didn't had any confirmation.The idea of being Dropped from project actually used to make me feel low. Because, frankly speaking, its very rare to find good projects, looking for Fresh-Faces. No one trusts you when you are new and I was badly in need for that one single chance to prove that I am also worth something.

Finally, September'2012,Kamal sir gave me the confirmation that I have been selected to play One of the Prime Character "SUFI" and our workshops will be starting soon. It was a DREAM COME TRUE moment for me. And My Journey with "ROAR – THE TIGES OF SUDERBAN" began.

The Preparation & Approach towards characters seemed very promising from day one coz of our dedicated workshops for Script & Action.But still, I was confused that what I am supposed to do to be SUFI of "ROAR" ,and hesitatingly I asked Kamal Sir "Sir,what am I supposed to do to be Sufi, how exactly have you imagined him in your script?"

And he smiled & replied "Aaran, you are SUFI, that's why you are here. Don't try to be anyone, just be yourself."

We were told that whole team will be shooting at real locations i.e; deep-dense Forests,absolutely in mid of No-where and to be working efficiently there,we have to go through regress physical training.

It was no-random jungle location,It was THE SUNDERBAN,The largest mangrove forest,The largest Delta of the world. Apart from being isolated from Social life,cell phones & internet, we were going to encounter Real situations having Wild animals,tigers,Crocodiles,Snakes,dangerous insects and last but not the least, Severe dehydrating conditions.

So Prior leaving,we had all sort of trainings required for Action,For Script & Acting performance under Alan Amin Sir,ShifuJi & Bhatia Sir.

Whole team got along very well during this whole process,and things became very smooth for everyone because of the mutual co-operation.And finally,13th Nov'2013 (Diwali morning),we left for Sunderbans.

I have always been into Adventures though out my whole life, but this time,for me, it was NOT-At-ALL an adventure trip or a Nature Sight Seeing trip to the Biggest Delta of the World. It was purely WORK for me, this was My First Big Step towards My New life & New Career. This was My that One Chance, I wanted badly.

Still I want to share the most beautiful thing about SUNDERBANS, that is the Early morning time.I am an early riser and I like my morning to be very Quiet and peaceful, with no one around .The SUNDERBANS mornings were simply Mesmerizing for me, like as in Ashram or in mid of Mountains.

Our Main work will be seen in the movie ROAR and whole TEAM's great efforts, kind of locations we worked in,and all other things are well covered,shown and explained in the MAKING of ROAR.

Undoubtedly,the whole team managed this almost impossible shooting schedule in SUNDERBANS so passionately and everyone was balancing their act amazingly through out the rough course of SUNDERBANS Schedule, but my only Source of inspiration through out the whole ROAR journey,and the only person I used to look upon out there, is my director Mr KAMAL SADANAH. He actually lives his life on these lines.


I never can forget him for his dedication, and to what extent of commitment he has gone for his One Single Dream "ROAR-THE TIGERS OF SUNDERBANS".

Along with the two close friends, our Producer Mr Abis Rizvi, who had invested so much on his common dream "ROAR" with Director Mr Kamal Sadanah,we all, offcourse expect a huge success coz we so much believe in our "ROAR-THE TIGERS OF SUNDERBAN."

And Apart from the individual careers associated, and the kind of huge money involved in making project like ROAR, I want ROAR to be a Success story and a benchmark, so that, tomorrow big Production houses can trust New talents and 'Any New comer from Nowhere' coming to Mumbai with Big Dreams,can say to Our Film Industry that "YES, YOU CAN BET UPON ME".

Thank You ABIS RIZVI Sir & Thank You KAMAL SADANAH Sir.

And it was an honor to work with you MICHAEL WATSON Sir.