Ali Quli

Roar was in my destiny. I was called to judge a singing competition in Rizvi College when I met Abis sir casually. The students of Rizvi college were so amazing that I decided to give a quick performance and so went on to the stage and rocked the stage with couple of my songs. The moment I came down Abis sir told me that he is making a film called “Roar” and he would like to audition me as I fitted the character of the hero. After a few days I went to meet our director Mr Kamal Sadanah.He was extremely disappointed when he saw me and thought at the back of his mind what a big loser I was....Just Kidding. No actually he had a younger hero in his mind but when I showed him my skills and made him burst into laughter he somehow got convinced and said “Chal isko bhi ek chance dete hai" He took my audition and I got this film. I consider myself very lucky that I am a part of this film and here started the adventure of my life that I had never thought of "The Sunderbans". I along with all my co-actors had done acting workshops and commando training for almost a month and a half for 6-7 hours . It was a great experience where I discovered myself as a tough guy too. Finally one fine day the entire cast and crew reached the Sunderbans. We were in ships and jungles for an entire month. We had really worked hard as we were shooting from 6 in the morning till 8 in the evening.We had real fun, fights and masti too specially my journey was full masti, fights and comedy. On the sets I used to make people laugh. On the ship i made some people cry and on the boat I had boxing matches with my co-actors male and female both. When I am writing this now I feel i was such a crazy manushya but all is well when the product is good . our director Kamal Sir was so cool and so calm with us that I have no words to explain though sometimes he used to become crazy as well because of our bangali brothers of Bangladesh due to late water supply...ha ha ha ha.. There are endless stories that I can write. One day Michael thought that he would jump into the Bay of Bengal and swim to L.A. as there was too much of stress and we were all missing our families.What an amazing experience we had working with Kamal Sir and team, Mr Michael Watson, the Hollywood D.O.P. and Abis sir on the sets supporting us. It was like a dream come true. The challenges that we faced in Sunderbans were not easy. The jungle was full of surprises. Snakes and fresh tiger patches were all over and I must say that we all were brave enough to face those circumstances. One day while we were shooting a female tigress came on set and started eating Kewre ke patte.

Everyone was scared. Me and Kamal sir wentand spoke to her and finally she went back to the jungle.She was our VFX tigress.. LOL..Hats Off to our director Kamal Sadanah who supported us not only on the sets but after pack up on the ship as well. He was like our best friend supporting us and encouraging us and making us clear about the vision how this film will go and how we will make a benchmark. Now when I am in Mumbai, I see how tough this was. Our job was done once the shooting was over. But I must say that our director and our producer are still working hours on this film. They are really working hard on this project and Inshallah Allah will bless all of us and "Roar" will roar in the market once it is released.