Nora Fatehi

Ever since I can remember ive had a burning passion for Acting and Dancing. I was very fortunate to be apart of an education system that celebrated the Arts and I made sure I took part in every school dance performance and Plays.

I am OBSESSED with performing and being in front of an audience. its an indescribable high and I must say ive been dangerously hooked! I always imagined myself being apart of the big screen! With that being said I knew from day one I would need to pursue a career in Acting and the best place to utilize both acting and dancing skills is none other than bollywood. So I landed in India expecting nothing but hoping for the best. Thats when I met the Makers of Roar, Kamal and Abis. it was pure destiny :)

I was definitely excited to be apart of a film, its my dream, but this was different, Roar was a DIFFERENT ball game and I knew it the day Kamal and Abis narrated the story. I dont think I could have ever been completely prepared for what shooting a film like Roar had instore for me. I love doing new things and for Roar I made sure I never said the word No regarding a task until I tried it! I discovered new skills and abilities within myself! C.J's role fitted me like a glove and kicking butt during my fight sequence made me feel like Zenna the Warrior (if anybody remembers that show, she was one bad ass chick!)

In addition to self rediscovery and pushing my abilities to higher heights, I also mentally grew! I learned so much behind the camera and since childhood I had so many questions about how films are made, now I got the chance of a lifetime to see it myself! Shooting with the gang of boys and my girl Himarsha and living in the middle of the bay of bengal disconnected from the world was Refreshing and fun..made me feel like I was back in high school:)

This film is very close to my heart, my little baby :), words can not describe it. Roar will defiantly make a mark in history!!