Pranay Dixit
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It's an honor to introduce myself as Pranay Dixit. I am a Management Graduate turned Actor and from the City of Nawabs also known for delicious Tundey Kabaabs - Lucknow.

Naughtiest college life, mad extracurricular activities, hostel's unbearable mess and bunking the class seriously made me an Actor. After convincing my Father I left my well settled job and came to City of Dreams– Mumbai in 2010. And now I am ready to ROAR with an outstanding role.

When Mr Kamal Sadanah briefed me the character and during the narration of the film I was completely lost with thoughts- Is this film or he is just sharing with me a kind of childhood action story? Is it possible to film it? Are they serious? The moment he shown me the test shoot on his laptop my eyes became wide. How a tiger can do such incredible action? I was like wow it's a Jackpot, I am born to play this character and privileged being part of this never imagined film. The audition proved milestone to me.

The BEST I achieved with this film is being a team member of those Makers whose vision and passion are just unmatchable. Roar has come out from one of the world's most dangerous jungles with the help of Mother Nature. The beautiful locations of Sunderbans which we are coming up with are never explored cinematically.

Most importantly, I have seen numerous of VFX Films but Roar showcased a VFX of International Standards. Hats off to Mr Jesh and team for their day night tremendous creative hard work resulting spectacular VFX designing. Mr Michael Watson, the DOP from LA captured the jungle so well and shot the scenes with ultimate camera angels. He had a lovely chemistry with the film maker along with the entire crew on the sets. Apart from shoot Michael and we the cast became really good friends spending lot of good times off camera. I am also lucky working under the supervision of Mr Resul Pookutty - The India's Pride and World's best Sound Designer already having Oscar for the movie SlumDog Millionaire. He made our sound magical and all effects in the film very real. Got the best co-actors to work with and they all are amazingly supportive till last shot of the film. After shooting couple of days I realized that we the actors are not acting we are actually participating to our family - Roar. We still have countless get togethers. Last but not the least Mr Kamal Sadanah is the best Boss I have ever worked with as he loved to direct me and I loved to surprise him in every scene. I got unbelievable vibes from his unbelievable passion which starts daily right from 6 am till 1 am in Sunderbans. I still remember his line- let's make a movie, which later became the favorite line of everyone in the Unit. Since very beginning he was handling direction and production as well that too in the toughest jungle conditions as our Production Head could not join the shoot due to health issues. How can I forget that moment - when the heroine has to dive into a deep canal, swim a long and climb back to another boat? He realized her obvious fear before the shot as the jungle's canal could produce anything dangerous. Mr Kamal Sadanah himself dived, swam the way and reached the other boat. He was shivering, he was wet in front of the monitor and finally the heroine has given a one shot scene. This was the moment, now the world can imagine his and team's commitment. Besides that single shot he never allowed any of the cast to go into water to have fun. His sayings were - Respect Nature.

And Mr Abis Rizvi is more like an elder brother to me and they both took well care of all of us throughout this beautiful journey. Apart from huge investments in the film he was very clear with every single VFX shot and every single line of the script. I observed it thoroughly during acting workshops and last few days spent with him in Sunderbans. I have never heard that a producer and director have done a VFX Course before commencing the film whose USP is itself an 800 VFX shots Film. This according to me is an extreme professionalism which will be in front of the world soon. And now we all are a Family.

I always got deeply motivated seeing the crew members as they were carrying heavy equipments with a cute smile on their tired faces keeping the spirits always high. They all were pretty excited because it's a first kind of shooting experience under critical conditions. Cheers to team.

By the grace of God and Parents's blessings I got every best thing in my debut film along with a promising character. It's a great learning experience from every single member of the Unit.

So you are wholeheartedly invited to meet the crack commandos, beautiful Sunderbans, our Heroine - The Glorious White Tigress and be a magnificent part of our splendid journey with popcorns. We attempted to present a different world of action adventure and trust me you will feel larger than life after coming out of theatres. World's prominent technicians have put their soul to make worldwide audiences feel special every minute.

Tigers, salt water crocodile, snakes, bees, deadly canals, massive jungle, elite commandos and intense action adventure is waiting for you all.