Varinder Singh Ghuman

The movie 'Roar' is full of action, adventure, mystery & suspense. The Director Kamal sir saw my picture on bodybuildingindia and then he called me for the one of main leed role in the movie as he thought I fitted the character of the cheena in the movie Roar.. So, it is a great pleasure for me to be a part of this film and here started the journey of my life that I had never imagined of "The Sunderbans".

I along with all my co-actors had done acting workshops and commando training for almost 40 days for 6-7 hours. Finally, the day has come when the entire cast and crew reached the Sunderbans. We were in luxurious ships and jungles for an entire month. We had really worked hard with the coordination of our director as we were shooting since 6 in the morning till 8 in the evening. As we were shooting a film in Sunderbans but it was like one big outing and we are having a lot of fun together.

"Making Roar", "A discovery of the forgotten land"; these words can make some interesting titles for a memoir/autobiography. Thankfully our talent is a visual medium and you will get to see frightening images in the most spectacular locations through a narrative, which will remind you of great adventure stories you heard as a child.

The story is around when someone is killed by a tiger every 10 days in the forests of the Sundarbans. The majority of attacks occur when fishermen leave their boats and step onto the canal bank at the forest edge. Yet, in the Sundarbans, there are also cases of unprovoked attacks. If this wasn't bad enough, the cat might then go on to eat the body. This is the nightmare scenario: a tiger actively hunting people.

I consider myself very lucky to work with the Director Mr. Kamal Sadanah who is the Director of the actors. His mood on the sets is very jovial. He was like our best friend supporting us and cheering us and making us clear about the vision how this film will go and how we will make a target. What an amazing experience, we had working with Kamal Sir and team, Mr Michael Watson, the Hollywood D.O.P. and Abis sir on the sets supporting us.

The challenges that we faced in Sunderbans were not easy. The jungle was full of surprises. Snakes and fresh tiger patches were all over and I must say that we all were brave enough to face those circumstances. Our VFX work is marvellous in the movie. Hats Off to our director Kamal Sadanah who supported us not only on the sets but after pack up on the ship as well. Our job was done once the shooting was over. But I must say that our director and our producer are still working hours on this film. They are really working hard on this project and may God bless all of us and "Roar" will roar in the market once it is released.