John Stewart Enduri

August 2013, I get a whatsapp message of a poster. I thought it was some one sharing a new new Hollywood movie coming soon. Then a message follows,"wud you want to be part of this?" The next couple of months have been a joyride called ROAR.

Scoring this film has been my biggest challenge yet. I have scored and co produced some of the biggest films in this country, but ROAR demanded I perform in another league all together. With Kamal & Abis at the helm, I was given the freedom to unleash all that I've been holding back creatively, as Indian cinema demands a different kind of expertise.

Every time I hear the theme, I feel honored to have tried to match the sheer passion and devotion of the film makers towards the Movie.

ROAR has been a journey of uncompromising music and production, demolishing all boundaries I have been setting so far. Hope I've done justice to this.:-)